Pork tenderloin

Pork tenderloin

I used to be flipping through some old cookbooks over the past weekend and was thinking about how

recipes have changed within the last century. The coming of readily available refrigeration

has completely revolutionized the way you cook like a country.

Another more subtle change agent may be the petro-chemical industry. The use

of plastic films has helped keep food fresher longer as well as protecting

it from external dirt and bacteria.

These days it is considered trivial to grab a plastic wrapped marinated

pork tenderloin at the supermarket and putting it the refrigerator for a day or two.

A century ago a cook might have been surprised about the ease in which we routinely operate.

That isn’t to express that like a country our cooking has become better through the years.

Lots of people make a convincing case that as food became much easier to obtain our

cooking became proportionally worse. The thought is the fact that since food was becoming

cheaper and more easily obtainable cooks weren't as concerned if it was prepared correctly.

When they ruined the evening meal they might always call this will let you pizza delivered.

By having a constant back-up people became lazy and sloppy.

It is not a coincidence then that the best modern cooking traditions have

result from a few of the poorest of regions. As an example, the tradition of American

barbecue owes much of its roots to the indegent learning to make the undesirable cuts

of meat palatable. Likewise, one of the greatest dishes of Louisiana, red beans and rice,

has its birth in very humble and affordable beginnings.

I believe that what and the way we eat partially defines us being a culture.

Once i look around people who are fat. When I examine myself I see someone

that has trouble controlling his impulses. Neither one of these brilliant is nice.

In my opinion that people as a nation, and that i as an individual, need to start learning the pain sensation of discipline.

This could begin with food. We may start eating and cooking like we did A hundred years ago.

I get rid of this problem to anyone who may be reading.

Do yourself and also this country a massive favor; unplug your refrigerator.

Pork Tenderloin


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